The theme of our 2021 TEDxYouth@Seattle event is TOGETHER. From COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter Movement, national disasters due to accelerating climate change, and a divisive election season, 2020 has been an extraordinarily significant year. While we may be physically separated, TEDxYouth@Seattle wants to bring people TOGETHER during this difficult time. We are all a piece of the puzzle, and when we come together as individuals, we form the bigger picture. Our goal is to elevate youth voices and ideas that have worked to better their community, and the world, in the face of a challenging year.


Due to the pandemic, we will host our TEDxYouth@Seattle event as a virtual experience in 2021. This means no tickets, no seat reservations, no need to even leave your living room. Stay tuned to learn about our new 2021 youth speakers and their ideas worth sharing

In the meantime, we hope that you will check out our Where Are They Now? Series: a virtual Q&A between a few of our 2019 speakers and TEDxYouth@Seattle staff. The first episode of Where Are They Now? launched on October 27th, the anniversary of the first TEDxYouth@Seattle event, with 2019 TEDxYouth@Seattle speaker, George Hofstetter. Watch his talk from last year's event here.