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TEDxYouth Seattle is our region’s premier TED-style youth event. Youth thought-leaders, innovators and activists participate in our events.

Interested in becoming a partner? We have a wide variety of partnership opportunities available ranging from small, in-kind sponsorships to large, cash sponsorships. If you’d like to learn more about the value we were able to deliver to our partners in 2021 and what’s in store for 2022, reach out to our Partnerships Team to discuss opportunities at

Want to get a feel for our events? Check out the speakers page with clips 

Then learn more from TED on what it means to be a TEDx partner.

Interested in partnering? You can reach us at


Another way to partner with TEDxYouth Seattle is to host a salon. Check out our 2021 financial literacy salon as an idea of what can be possible.


We have a number of volunteer opportunities available throughout the year. The time commitment required to volunteer varies widely. We have 3 primary types of volunteer positions.

Day-of-Event Volunteers – This is a single, full-day commitment for one of our events (TEDxYouth Seattle, TEDxSeattleWomen, or TEDxSeattle).

Core Team Volunteers – Our Core Team works tirelessly around the year to plan our events. These roles are a multi-year commitment and generally require 10+ hours per week to fulfill.

Extended Core Team Volunteers – Each Core Team leader will generally have a team of Extended Core Team volunteers. As an example, our Marketing team will have Head of Marketing, which is a Core Team role, and about 5-10 Extended Core Team members to help with various aspects of marketing, such as copywriting, web design, social, etc. Extended Core Team roles are usually a year-round commitment and require about 5-10 hours per week.

If you are interested in volunteering, check out our available volunteer opportunities and we’ll try to match you to the right role!


Interested in speaking at our event? To learn more about what we consider in a speaker, watch Chris Anderson, the curator of TED (aka “the head of TED”) on TED’s secret to great public speaking. Stay tuned for information on how to apply as a speaker for next year’s event.

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