Where are they now?

Welcome to our Where Are They Now? Series! Here you will find Q&A between a few of our 2019 speakers and TEDxYouth@Seattle staff. 



We asked last year's speakers: How has the wave of current events in 2020 impacted your idea and your work?

Where Are They Now?
Q & A with George Hofstetter  
We connect with George Hofstetter to discuss life since his 2019 talk, "How Technology Redefined Can Be A Social Justice Super Power." George believes that we can work TOGETHER to help other kids of color gain entry into the tech world as innovators
Where Are They Now?
Q & A with Kiran Oommen  
Where Are They Now?
Q & A with Sierra Robinson
We connect with Sierra Robinson to discuss life since her 2019 talk, "Beyond Sustainability: a Call for Regeneration."Join us to hear more about her take on using regenerative design to build resilience for social justice and connecting with others. 
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This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.