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Where are they now?

Welcome to our Where Are They Now? Series! Here you will find Q&A between a few of our 2019 speakers and TEDxYouth@Seattle staff. 



We asked last year's speakers: How has the wave of current events in 2020 impacted your idea and your work?

Where Are They Now?
Q & A with George Hofstetter  
We connect with George Hofstetter to discuss life since his 2019 talk, "How Technology Redefined Can Be A Social Justice Super Power." George believes that we can work TOGETHER to help other kids of color gain entry into the tech world as innovators
Kiran Oomen
Where Are They Now?
Q & A with Kiran Oommen  
Q & A with Sierra Robinson-2.png
Where Are They Now?
Q & A with Sierra Robinson
We connect with Sierra Robinson to discuss life since her 2019 talk, "Beyond Sustainability: a Call for Regeneration."Join us to hear more about her take on using regenerative design to build resilience for social justice and connecting with others. 
Where Are They Now?
Q & A with Rosalie Fish
We connect with Rosalie Fish to discuss life since her 2019 talk, "Running for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women," and how the events of 2020 have personally impacted her activism.
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