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Turn the Music Up

Turn the Music Up, is a concept regarding individuality, life, passion, and style. It’s about turning up the music to your life and moving to the beat of your own music, grooving to it regardless of who is watching, what others might think, or where you may be. Both fashion, individuality, and dance will infuse in this concept. Models will be asked to dress in their personal fashion to be photographed in a public space and asked to dance as if their favorite song was playing in the background and no one was watching.

Day to day, we become comfortable with the mundane and we all get sucked into it time to time. Our individuality, personality, and fashion, takes back seat to conforming to the mundane. Why not live day to day grooving to the beat of our own music. Turning the music up to our lives and living them at our fullest the best way we each can. Now imagine seeing all of this on the overhead of a King County Metro Bus.

Back before I got behind the wheel I commuted from Tacoma, Washington to anywhere between the Seattle area and Bellevue area either for school, work, or other such things. I did that for about 6 years, up until late 2018. At times I’d ride with the sleepy crowds that were the morning commuters or the late night shift commuters. Other times it was a mix of commuters on a day out in the city, going to a game, or commuting to and from their college campus.

I remember so vividly what it was like riding the bus. One of the things I remember most is as fellow passengers on the same bus, regardless of wherever the bus was headed or what time of the day, everyone for the most part kept to themselves. We’d make it our goal to avoid eye contact with each other. Quickly shifting our eye sight when god forbid we accidentally met eyes with another commuter on the bus. As if making eye contact were something forbidden or not apart of the unwritten bus etiquette we had all agreed on. So we stare out the window when we’re lucky enough to get a window seat or if the bus is full we either, stare at our phones, into the abyss looking at nothing in particular, or we pretend we’re extremely fascinated in the advertisements inside the bus just above everyone’s heads.

So, while I have the attention of those lucky individuals that divert their eyesight to the overhead of the bus, why not inspire them to embrace what makes them unique and beautiful. Who knows they may even start a conversation with a complete stranger.

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