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It's time ... to tell your story!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

It almost feels impossible to choose an image to tell a story, but have we ever really tried?

If I could see with your eyes, what would I see? What if one visual could tell me your story, what would that be? The ocean, a leaf, people smiling, hands, eyes, your dog, the night sky, Seattle's homelessness problem, climate change marches, school, a selfie?  In a world continuously shaped by the language of photography, have you ever stopped to think about that? Are the images posted and shared online YOU?

I AM WHAT I SEE / I SEE WHAT I AM is a question/statement that allows the visual storyteller and the viewer to start a conversation about the world we see and how it shapes us.

What if we stopped and asked ourselves, "What am I seeing?  How is it making me feel? What is the purpose of this image, its story?" 

What visual would we choose to tell the world our stories, our values, our unique ways of seeing, feeling and most importantly, understanding our environment, our reality, how we fit in or how we choose to rebel against the status quo?

For 8 weeks, participants of our TEDxYouth@Seattle will learn the art of visual storytelling and through their lens and behind the scenes narratives, they will share with us what they see and who they are.

Sign up and claim your time to tell your story. It's Time!

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