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The Moment of Happiness

Sometimes when you’re faced with something life-changing it scares you. It makes you sit back and doubt yourself. Doubt your own ability to say what’s in your heart in a way so others can understand. For a minute I doubted myself and my own role in this program. I doubted my message, my ability to convey it, and I even doubted my stability. It all came down to a moment for me. The moment when I realized that if I let this go, I would never get this chance again and I would live to regret it. At that moment I told myself that I would, no matter how scared I was, do this. And get it done. Period. This was my Moment of Happiness, and hence, this is what I am calling my exhibition; The Moment of Happiness.

My quiet and passive nature may deter some but for those who know me, that’s just who I am. I don’t like to brag or boast about much because I know talk is cheap. I’d rather you see it in action than me to speak of it. Although some things, like this, must be shared and discussed!

This amazing program that I’m a part is organized and curated by by Mary Gomez Camba and sponsored by TEDx Seattle Youth. During this program my team and I will learn in depth the secrets to visual storytelling. We will also have opportunities to photograph many different events and venues. This along with a moving visual storytelling exhibit on the King County Metro buses accumulates to a chance at something others only dream about; Sharing our perspective, using our voices. 

I’ve ridden the bus since I was around eight or nine years old. First with my mom then by myself. Every bus ride is a new adventure. At least that’s how I used to see things. Now as I’ve grown older and know what to expect on the bus, I’ve gotten more pessimistic. Most adults, I think, would say that the bus is a necessary yet uncomfortable, at best, part of their day. I want to change that experience. Knowing how crucial a bus can be in someone’s commute makes me want to make sure that while inside their bus, anyone going anywhere, can have a Moment of Happiness.

I cannot think of a more fitting place to express my perspective of the world to the world then a bus. Ironically I am given an opportunity to do this on a King County Metro bus, the same place many months ago where I lost my identity. My visual storytelling exhibit is titled ”The Moment of Happiness” because that’s exactly what I hope to capture with my lens. I want to show to everyone who steps foot on and rides a bus, moments/photographs of overwhelming sense of joy. The little things and big things that bring a smile to our lips, joyful tears to our eyes, or a skip to our step. The exact moment when we breathe a sigh of relief because our hard work has finally paid off.

One thing I’ve always held true is that no matter where I go or how far away life takes me there will always be a bus to take me home. 


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